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Facility Surveys

Better Data, Better Decisions

Putting the Power in Your Hands with Data-Driven Insights

Meeting the demands of your facilities starts with a plan. A good plan requires relevant, accurate information. At Heide & Cook, we can perform modeling and inspections on individual assets, entire systems or top-down facilities so that you can make informed capital planning decisions with confidence.

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Putting the Power in Your Hands with Data-Driven Insights



Facility managers are often faced with a dilemma: How do I prioritize facility renovations and repairs without the resources to conduct a facility condition assessment? Heide & Cook uses modeling software to transform even limited building system data into valuable insights, such as what expenses to expect on a particular asset. In turn, you can more effectively invest your resources in the appropriate systems.

Assets & Systems Inspections

Do you have building systems or assets that require frequent maintenance? They might be past their useful life. Heide & Cook can determine your facilities’ maintenance requirements and facility condition Index (FCI) to help you build better business plans for future capital improvements.

Facility Condition Assessments

C-Suite leaders want clear, concise recommendations backed by data. With our on-site assessments, facility managers are armed with easy-to-read building system reports that include short- and long-term planning requirements and a more complete FCI – both of which feed into long-term capital planning decisions.

Specialty Assessments

Heide & Cook’s trusted experts are equipped to perform specialty assessments including seismic retrofits, green building certification, sustainability and carbon foot-printing.

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

We deploy mobile technology to simplify the collection and management of current asset data and maintenance records. Customers can securely access up-to-date maintenance records for all of their buildings in real time, empowering them with information and visibility to make better decisions about managing their assets.

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