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Fire Protection Construction

Built to Last

Quality Fire Protection You Can Count On

Your facilities – and tenants – depend on a reliable fire protection system.

Keep yours safe with Heide & Cook’s customized installation, retrofit, service, repair and testing services for water based fire protection systems.

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Quality Fire Protection You Can Count On


Fire Protection System Bundling

Let us be your single source for your fire protection needs with a customized, bundled service package. Heide & Cook is licensed to install, modify, retrofit, test and maintain your wet fire protection systems in accordance with compliance standards for the National Fire Protection Association, and state and country codes.

Sprinkler System Retrofit, Modification & Expansion

If you’re remodeling or expanding your facility, Heide & Cook is your go-to source for simple head relocations for a single-story facility all the way up to complex expansions in a high-rise.

System Testing & Maintenance

Heide & Cook stands prepared to meet your code and insurance inspection requirements. Our qualified technicians can determine the status of your system by performing water flow, fire pump and trip tests – which can be performed as part of your building’s regularly scheduled maintenance or as a one-time, stand-alone service.

System Inspection

Our trained technicians inspect and service all types of sprinkler systems in compliance with National Fire Protection Agency and local code requirements. We also provide training to facility personnel to use and maintain the system in order to equip you with the knowledge to respond during emergency scenarios.

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

We deploy mobile technology to simplify the collection and management of current asset data and maintenance records. Customers can securely access up-to-date maintenance records for all of their buildings in real time, empowering them with information and visibility to make better decisions about managing their assets.

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