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Immediate, Short-Term Relief

Beat the Heat with Temporary Cooling Rentals

When you live on the islands, even 30 minutes without air conditioning can feel like an eternity. Which is why we provide reliable, short-term cooling equipment rentals during both planned and unplanned outages to maximize uninterrupted comfort for building users.

AirReps Hawaii provides cost-effective cooling systems ranging from simple spot cooling, to sophisticated, long-term solutions that can help you protect your facility and tenants from lost time and money. We provide quality cooling units from trusted vendors including MovinCool, AirPac and United Air, ranging from one to 25 tons. Call us today for a complementary site visit to determine your specific needs.

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Beat the Heat with Temporary Cooling Rentals


Small Space Cooling Solutions

Keeping today’s HVAC equipment at peak performance levels demands well-trained technicians. H&C’s extensive team of technicians receive the latest factory certified training so they’re better equipped to serve you. From running sophisticated diagnostics to troubleshooting and replacing faulty parts, our technicians are committed to extending the life of your HVAC equipment and systems.

Large Space Cooling Solutions

When small spot coolers won’t cut it, AirReps offers larger units powerful enough to cool an entire zone. Our fleet of 5-, 10-, 12- and 25-ton units provide long-term relief during unexpected or planned air conditioning shutdowns in spaces of nearly any size. We provide complete installation and removal services to meet any schedule.

Air Movement & Other Rental Equipment

Air Reps offers a lineup of rental fans, generators and other equipment designed for larger areas in need of temporary air circulation or power.

Delivery & Set-Up

Our team stands ready to deliver, set up and pick up small and large temporary cooling equipment rentals any time, day or night, on any island.

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

We deploy mobile technology to simplify the collection and management of current asset data and maintenance records. Customers can securely access up-to-date maintenance records for all of their buildings in real time, empowering them with information and visibility to make better decisions about managing their assets.

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