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Keep it Flowing

Proactive Protection from Leaks & Damage

Don’t settle for second best when it comes to your building’s plumbing needs.

Heide & Cook offers the best possible plumbing service to meet the demands of your facilities. Incorporating the latest technology and training, our team of licensed plumbers are equipped to meet both planned and unplanned plumbing maintenance and repair needs any time, on any island.

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Proactive Protection from Leaks & Damage


Customized Preventive Service Plans

Heide & Cook’s licensed plumbers carefully craft customized Preventive Service Plans tailored to each customer to prevent emergencies before they happen. Our team is equipped with the latest line cameras, jetting equipment and line detection tools to ensure your system is trouble free; and we can provide backflow prevention certification and repairs quickly and cost effectively.

24/7 Coverage

Backups, stoppages, clogs and water leaks are common building issues that can happen at any time costing thousands of dollars in damages – which is why Heide & Cook plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to even the largest and most complex emergency failures whenever they might occur.

Plumbing System Replacement & Retrofit

Heide & Cook provides repair, replacement and retrofit services for everything from your plumbing system to the fixtures inside your facility and everything in between. Our expert technicians make your facility look and function at its peak. We can also provide vandal resistant fixtures and systems to reduce recurring costs in public areas.

AOAO High Risk Component Inspections

Heide & Cook plumbers are routinely hired to perform high risk component inspections by AOAO’s. We can assist your building in performing visual inspections to evaluate the condition of the high risk components and identify potential problems. Let us assist you in mitigating future damages preventing insurance claims, keeping insurance premiums to a minimum and preserving the value of your building.

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

Instant Data Access: Customer Portal

We deploy mobile technology to simplify the collection and management of current asset data and maintenance records. Customers can securely access up-to-date maintenance records for all of their buildings in real time, empowering them with information and visibility to make better decisions about managing their assets.

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