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Mission, Vision & Values

What’s important to us, our employees and our customers.

Our Mission & Vision

Heide & Cook is a full-service Hawaii-based facilities services company headquartered in Honolulu. For more than seven decades, we’ve delivered solutions that help facility owners get the most out of their buildings. The company offers a range of stand-alone and integrated facilities services ranging from construction to maintenance and repair. Heide & Cook is driven and inspired by our enduring mission: To create and maintain more sustainable facilities across Hawaii.

That means embracing new technology and processes to develop innovative solutions that make your buildings safer, smarter and more efficient. We also believe investing in our employees and communities will help position our company for sustainable long-term growth.

Our mission provides the framework for achieving our ambitious, long-term vision: Heide & Cook will be the premier integrated facilities services provider across the islands.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Values

  • Excellence

    We reflect pono (the Hawaiian term for excellence, goodness and moral qualities) in everything we do. We strive to do right by our customers, employees and community.


  • Environmental Stewardship

    We will continue to promote responsible development and environmental stewardship to protect our aina (the Hawaiian term for land, earth) for future generations.


  • People

    Our employees are the foundation of our organization; their focus on excellence allows Heide & Cook to set the standard in our industry.


  • Customers

    We create value with an ongoing commitment to our customer’s needs.


  • Reputation

    We achieve performance standards that maintain our position as the premier mechanical contractor and the preferred place to work.


  • Innovation

    We provide innovative solutions that maintain a competitive advantage in a continually changing and complex industry.


  • Safety

    We create a safe work environment for our employees and customers.


  • Financial Stability

    We ensure long-term financial strength creating employee security and reinvesting in our future.


  • Community Involvement

    We take pride in serving our community and its surrounding areas through support programs, physical and monetary donations.

In order to remain true to our mission, and to deliver on our future vision, we are committed to nine core values that guide our behaviors and decisions.

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