only constant is change.” – Heraclitus

Greek philosopher Heraclitus is often credited with coining the famous phrase above back in 500 BC. Although he may not have had a crystal ball to foresee just how rapidly business and technology would evolve over the next several millennia, he understood that new challenges could not be tackled with old solutions.

For businesses like Heide & Cook, the message is clear: You can achieve sustainable success, but only if you are willing to adapt and embrace change. This, in part, has driven our adoption of a new vision and business model for our company: to be the premier integrated facilities services provider across the Islands.

Heide & Cook was originally founded in 1946, growing from a small plumbing company to a mechanical contracting firm focused primarily on new construction and renovation work. But after more than seven decades of business heavily weighted in the construction industry, we are seeing a pivotal shift in our industry. Buildings are becoming “smarter,” and sustainability has gained traction as humans recognize the important role we need to play in creating a flourishing community to benefit future generations. At the same time, customers are demanding efficient, cost-conscious solutions for their buildings – without sacrificing quality.

Through our new Integrated Facility Services (IFS) model, we are adapting to meet these needs for customers. Each of our recent decisions and strategic moves are designed to simplify building managers’ lives through innovative technology, and tailored, integrated service packages spanning from new construction to ongoing maintenance and repair:

  • Through organic (in-house development) and inorganic (acquisitions) growth we are expanding our suite of services. In 2014 we acquired and integrated refrigeration services company Oahu Sales Incorporated and elevator services company H&M Elevator. This enables us to offer both stand-alone and integrated services customized to your needs. Since then, we have significantly expanded these divisions in terms of staffing and capabilities.
  • We are strengthening our business infrastructure by bringing new, innovative technology into the field. Through our new customer portal, you can now access your asset and building information in real time online from anywhere, anytime.
  • We’re adding to our growing team in order to better support our customers in new and exciting ways. I recently moved into the CEO role so that I can focus more on connecting with our customers, vendors, and communities. We also welcomed new Heide & Cook President Todd Williams to the team, who will oversee the day-to-day operations for our growing business. He is a fourth generation Hawaiian, and has a global perspective and experience that will help broaden and optimize our capabilities and best practices. We will continue to expand our management team in the coming months.

We’re honored to have served our customers and neighbors across our great state for the past seven decades, and we will continue to rise to meet new challenges to best serve you for generations to come.