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Kinau Terrace

Facility Type

Residential Condominium, 9 Floors



Pre-Project Challenge

The Kinau Terrace condominium, built in 1982, includes 9 stories of two- and three-bedroom residential units. The single aging elevator was in critical need of modernization to ensure safe and reliable operation for the home owners. Heide & Cook was selected to perform the necessary upgrades due to our widely recognized reputation of technical excellence and proven project management expertise which help to minimize down-time and inconvenience to the residents.


Heide and Cook worked closely with the elevator consultants to identify and specify the modernization requirements for the project. Together, project planning, equipment selection and validation was conducted while maintaining frequent communication with the Association of Apartment Owners (AOAO) and residents to minimize disruptions. Logistics, installation, testing and commissioning was completed one week ahead of schedule and under budget, allowing the AOAO the opportunity to reallocate precious capital funds to other needed areas. In addition, the AOAO is protected with a five-year warranty supported by Heide & Cook maintenance which will result in years of reliable, cost-effective and safe elevator use for all the building occupants. The new state-of-the-art elevator system and controls provides a foundation that allows the AOAO to incorporate many advanced features in the future.

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