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Association of Apartment Owners, Admiral Thomas

Facility Type

Residential Condominium, 36 Floors



Pre-Project Challenge

Admiral Thomas is a prominent condominium located near the Blaisdell Center in the Makiki Area of Honolulu. When the property needed help maintaining its three critical high-speed elevators within their 36-floor building, they called on the experts at Heide & Cook.

Admiral Thomas’ dated elevators were originally installed in 1980. Over the years, various portions of the equipment were upgraded, but this approach left the customer to maintain elevator equipment from multiple manufacturers within the same system. Although the property owners realized an elevator modernization will eventually be necessary, they wanted to extend the life of their current elevators as long as possible. The association looked to Heide & Cook for a solution to extend the life of their existing elevator equipment, which would allow them to properly budget for an elevator modernization at a future date.


Heide & Cook conducted a lifecycle analysis, taking into account the age and condition of various pieces of equipment, and developed a comprehensive, customized maintenance plan to address their immediate reliability concerns and improve elevator uptime. Implementing our tailored approach to extend the life of the existing elevator equipment enables the property to prolong their equipment life and improve reliability, ultimately giving them additional time to properly budget for the major capital expense of an elevator modernization.

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