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Camelot Condominium Association of Apartment Owners

Facility Type

Residential Condominium, 2 Elevators, 23 Floors



Pre-Project Challenge

Camelot Condominium is a 23-story, 190 unit complex built in 1973. An unsuccessful elevator modernization effort on their two elevators several years ago. After the modernization was completed, the customer continued to experienced ongoing maintenance issues with the elevator service provider.

Camelot turned to Heide & Cook to assist in improving the performance and reliability of their elevator systems, while also minimizing expenses. Heide & Cook worked closely with the Camelot Condominium owners to resolve their immediate maintenance issues, and stabilize their elevator operation. We then partnered with the property and developed a plan to mitigate safety issues with their hoist ropes and deflector sheaves, correcting installation deficiencies from the previous elevator modernization project.


Heide & Cook addressed small and large maintenance items to improve the overall performance and reliability of the elevator equipment at Camelot Condominium. The customer benefited with significantly reduced machine brake noise, improved performance times and enhanced car comfort and appearance. All of these items improved overall reliability and comfort and enhanced the property value. This project demonstrates our commitment to providing safe and reliable elevators for our customers.

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